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I wear a lot of hats. Which can be a problem with this hair. But I make it work. On- and off-site, freelance, full-time and temporary F-T, as lone gunman or gathering a crew in a consultancy/producer role, I create for advertising, branding, communications, design & entertainment companies and directly with brands. In different capacities, I’ve touched over 250 brands/companies…writing, strategizing, directing, ideating and/or brandtending.


Left to my own devices, I’m an entertaining chap. You can check out more about that when you enjoy the performer; just scroll to the bottom of the page to where “it’s sometimes about me”. I’m always writing songs, envisioning cinematic scenes (or portions thereof) in my head and very soon I’ll be putting those and others from my vast archive out to the world through different organizations, including Rotondo Fuscaldo Films, LLC. and The Poppycocks.


Personally, I’m a dad of one young man and one old boy. I’m married anew, so I’m now also a step-dad to one young woman and one young man. I love cats but I’ve got a dog-only thing going on for the time-being. I’m into fitness, dedicated to working out daily and watching what I eat AND what I drink. (And I’ll tell ya…what I’ve seen regarding the drinking is impressive.) I’m a bit of a crusader and pain-in-the-ass about health and believe it’s everyone’s duty to themselves and the planet to be in the best shape possible. No excuses. And that we should be taking better care of the planet so IT’S in the best shape possible regarding our individual (and organizational) approach to consumption, production and processing of that which we make and consume.


I’ll also tell you more about Sasquatch and other paranormalities than you’d care to know. But only if you ask.

(I’ve SEEEEEEN things…)


My wife got me into cycling and I’m very happy when I’m doing that—especially in my full-length Spider-Man cycling suit. Which my wife is NOT happy about. But I’m always at my happiest among the trees. Outside my neck of the woods, I love all of nature’s bounty found in north Michigan, the Sleeping Bear Dunes region to be precise, as well as Key West, NYC, Chicago, NOLA, LA, Colorado, Portlandia/Seattle/San Jaun Islands/NW in general, the islands of the Caribbean and many other places. And can’t wait to love ones I’ve yet to visit.

I love chasing a soccer ball and watching futbol. Craft beer. Destination activities. Bourbon. Rum. Walks in the summer rain, Greggetc.


But enough about me…what about you?

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