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When reaching out to all your intended audience(s), let me help you put your best fist forward by not just connecting with but engaging and influencing them. Clasp your business’ mission/values firmly around your brand architecture and a picture will emerge of who you should be aiming for and how, in all their segmented glory. (More about how I can help tend to your brand by ordering “the brandtender.”)


Having worked as a freelancer and consultant inside and outside the largest agencies in Cincinnati, directly with brands for over 15 years independently AND with my former agency PUSH brandvertising & design (RIP), I’ve been privy to the best and worst practices that helped found and build Brandingtown, USA (Cincinnati).


Let’s craft and/or refine your elements of strategy, including your:


  • Business plan—where often you discover what business you’re REALLY in

  • Immersion document—a deep dive into who you are, who you want to be and uncovering who you could/should be

  • Competitive audit—let’s see how the field dresses out and where you fit best at the moment AND UPON implementation of a desired brand/business transformation

  • Target segmentation—how the audience to whom you’re marketing breaks down per all that you offer

  • Positioning statement—how you are perceived by your targeted audience segments

  • Communication hierarchy—there’s a lot to say about your brand and this will help you say it properly…and to whom

  • Media plan—where we begin to divvy up all the different forms of content into appropriate medium strategies to best reach your targets along their brand experiences


All of which distills down into the…


  • Marketing strategy—which, along with your branding guidelines, helps you smartly raise an appropriate toast to your audience(s), whoever/wherever they are. (CLINK.)


And finally, the creative brief is crafted to kick off the first aspect of the strategy.

All hands on deck...

Check out how some great strategy made the local stop on the U.S. Open a champion event.

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