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I get a lot of balls rolling as an independent that often get picked up later by staff creative (or others, yipes); sometimes even in an on-staff role, a ball gets away from me or kicked out of play. This is just a sampling of work I began that came to rest in my domain, for the most part. 

So, BEHOLD...some of what I'm proud to hold up and call my own. 

For more work, a categorically organized portfolio is available here.

Jean-Robert Pigall's ad

Ad Club of Cincinnati outdoor

Western & Southern Open TV/video, "Tennis, Everyone!"

Jean-Robert Pigall's restaurant ad

BIZ Stainfighter ad

BIZ Stainfighter Thanksgiving ad
Advertising Club of Cincinnati outdoor

Gannett/Clarion Ledger Snapchat—sports coverage

Dewey's Pizza DewMore Pamphlet

Dewey's Pizza DewMore pamphlet

Ghirardelli B2B ad

Ghirardelli Chocolate B2B ad

Downy Instagram, NYC Fashion Week

Western & Southern Open Radio, "Your/You're Open" 

Western & Southern Open Radio, "Your Open For Anything"

Western & Southern Open outdoor

Western & Southern Open Facebook

HxGN convention open film

Over-the-Rhine Brewery District brand development

Check 'n Go direct mail

merge_from_ofoct (1).jpg
OTR Brewery District brand development
OTR Brewery District brand development, B2B