the works


BALLS. I get a lot of balls rolling as an independent that often get grabbed later by staff creative (or others, yipes); sometimes even in an on-staff role, a ball gets away from me or kicked out of play. This is just a sampling of work I began that came to rest in my domain, for the most part. 

So, BEHOLD...some of what I'm proud to hold up and call my own. 

For more work, a categorically organized portfolio is available here.

Jean-Robert Pigall's ad


BIZ Stainfighter ad


Ad Club of Cincinnati outdoor

Gannett/Clarion Ledger Snapchat—sports coverage

Dewey's Pizza DewMore Pamphlet

Dewey's Pizza DewMore pamphlet

Ghirardelli B2B ad

Ghirardelli Chocolate B2B ad

Downy Instagram, NYC Fashion Week

HxGN convention open film

Check 'n Go direct mail

merge_from_ofoct (1).jpg

Western & Southern Open TV/video, "Tennis, Everyone!"

Western & Southern Open Radio, "Your/You're Open" 

Western & Southern Open Radio, "Your Open For Anything"

Western & Southern Open outdoor

Western & Southern Open, Facebook

Over-the-Rhine Brewery District brand development

OTR Brewery District brand development
OTR Brewery District brand development, B2B

Benjamin, Yocum & Heather Law B2B web video

Spring Grove Cemetery radio, "Leaving It To The Kids"

Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra brand development & print

UC Law viewbook

Astral Industries brochure

Astral Industries B2B brochure

Oriental Wok packaging