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the brandtender


You want your brand truly tended to…like how your favorite bar tender knows you (AND your audience), anticipates what “will be your (their) pleasure” at any given time and at very specific times, and even making or refining recipes just for you. It’s about crafting the right experiences and relationships for your brand to have with your audiences.


To do this, every brandtender worth her/his salt is guided by a solid brand architecture (house rules, ya know) comprised of: your essence, the cumulative ingredients that embody your brand...equity, the value derived from how your brand serves your audience, in one sentence…and your brand's character. Summed up in two to three words.


And when you think “architecture,” think “archetypes”—can your house be perceived in an easily identifiable way (the hero, the explorer, the outlaw, etc.) that helps ease patrons in, or are you more complex and not as identifiable? Sometimes the right crowd finds AND helps define who you are.

Over the course of my career I have built brands from scratch, re-named and re-branded from the ground up AND helped craft components (e.g., the brand story, the TOV, personality, guidelines, etc.)


I can tend to that. And more. Order up?

Check out a quick case study of a brand that started with a name and a wonderful idea.

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