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The original. The classic. Where ideas first froth to fruition—spilling out of the imagination, onto the page, screen, napkin, voice memo, etc., and then are spirited off to reach, engage and affect the ABCDEs of marketing ANYthing: advertising, branding, communications, design and entertainment.


If you need a copywriter or content writer, I craft around strong strategy and spunky searchability to your particular stylistic preferences, and serve it up MOST potently.

Now serving…

  • A wide array of industries & sectors—CPG, financial, technical/IT, health & beauty & wellness/fitness, medical...whatever you're looking for, I've probably done it; and if I haven't done it, it'll be something that I eventually will have...done 

  • B2C or B2B—even C to B—yes, that’s a thing

  • At any point in the marketing mix & brand story—upstream, downstream, midstream, on the banks...

  • In any medium—digital or analog (as if I even had to mention). 

  • In any style—known as a “funny” guy, I leave my own style out of what you need & is best for you

  • For any demographic—I've spent a lot of my career writing to and as a 30-45 year old married working mom w/ 2.7 kids...

  • The mundane to the magical—involving either halves of the brain or both

  • Front to back, full-course copy, OR a la carte:

    • Headlines

    • Names

    • Concepts

    • Copy-editing/direction (of your own elixirs)

    • Redrafts (of your or others’ elixirs)

    • Assorted nibbles & bits

    • etc.


  • In any capacity: full-time, freelance, temporary F-T or under contract, on- or off-site—I’ve done ‘em all. And sometimes all at the same time.

I’ve served…

Over 250 brands so far (see the first two bullets in the above paragraph.) In all of my capacities—not just writer—as an employee, freelancer and consultant working for the largest agencies in the Cincinnati area, across the mid-west/south AND directly with brands from all around the country that you know and (maybe) trust for over 20 years, my client list is ridiculous. And I’m giddy for having had the experiences. CLICK HERE for a complete client listing of what I've done as a writer and in other roles.

“Can you write manual copy?”

(Sigh.) I was actually once asked this. If I was known by all the different things I’ve written, my copywriter title would be longer than all of the copy on this page.


I’ve written & write (sigh again): emails, brochures, Snapchat videos, product names, branding architectures, taglines, social media (like Snapchat videos), white papers, websites, scripts (for things like Snapchat videos), recipes, training/management manuals (DING DING DING), press releases, concepts (for things like…Snapchat videos), jingles, songs (I use stock for Snapchat, mostly), blogs, poems and…the list is exhausting me.

Are we/Am I done?

NO, I’m not. There’s always something I haven’t done before and, like in the past, I’ll master it. I was once NOT a medical writer and then I became one. I was once NOT a diaper packaging writer and then…well. I won’t give away that ending.

How I craft

For just about everything, I take a STOP, DROP AND ROLL®, approach (that’s right, MFs, this copywriter is copyrighted):


  • STOP audiences in their tracks via a compelling and relevant headline/concept.

  • DROP them into their seats by fostering quicker and deeper connectivity with skimmable subheads.

  • ROLL them over into engagers, next steppers and maybe customers with the body copy.


Seems obvious but it’s surprising how often this effective approach is not put into effect enough.

Try a sample. CLICK HERE for a quick case study. Or two.


Which leads us to copy vs. content

I provide both, so NP. But there’s a difference between the two and what’s important and often overlooked is how they feed into each other. Here is ONE way to tell them apart:


Content is communication about and around your brand and maybe why it should be used. Copywriting is communication that directly or indirectly pushes targets into using your brand. Also, content is born from the journalism world while copy hails from the school of advertising. Or hardknocks.


While I agree on the content viewpoint, copywriting ALSO involves communication about WHY to use your brand and crafted in a very concerted, specifically artful and meaningful way. I often call it “word design,” the organic counterpart to graphic design.


In a perfect world, effective copy needs effective content (to better substantiate the sale) and effective content needs effective copy (to better sell the substantiation).


To make things even more murky in the contrast/comparison scheme of things is that what is often considered content—like an online video—is actually the result of copywriting. 


Click here for more copy-written content on this.

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