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the performer

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This industry is not for those who shun the limelight. You need to get up and sell yourself with your A-game. And I stand up and push your game like your brand depends on it. Because it does. 


It’s all fun & games

I work often in the consumer entertainment sector, crafting concepts, copy (scripts included) and content (including film/audio concepts and music/jingles/song rip-offs) for museum and theme park agencies. In the corporate entertainment sector, same act, but for events, I've provided audio/videos and…just videos. And just audio. And all the experiential elements that comprise them as needed for the best experience.


It’s NOT all fun & games

I also work in the standard B to C and C to B realms, providing audio/video concepts, scripts and producing content for initiatives. While still entertaining/engaging, the purpose is to get your audience’s attention and then bring them on board with your brand. I can work with your production folks or gather my own crew. Up to you.


It’s sometimes about me

In addition to creating for others, I make for myself:


I have extensive experience in regional, original and cover band markets as a drummer/vocalist/music director/producer/song writer/stuntman, including founding the Rusty Griswolds (Cincinnati's biggest cover band) and gravy8, a past nominee for Cincinnati Entertainment Awards New Artist of the Year. As part of gravy8, we were proud to be featured on a record tribute to Cincinnati’s King Records, "Hidden Treasures," doing our twist on "The Twist" (yes, recorded originally in Cincinnati) and joining the likes of no less than Peter Frampton, Bootsy Collins, Blessid Union of Souls and other artists who called Cincinnati home at the time of recording. I also founded and am currently in Cincinnati’s premier 70s showcase band, Gee, Your Band Smells Terrific while also getting ready to open a case of wondrous pop originals unto the world in a new band, The Poppycocks.



I’m also a Founder/Producer/Creative Director for Rotondo Fuscaldo Films. (If I said anymore than that about it, I’d have to kill you.) And creator of a kids’ fitness show/series, Camp Kiddy Up ‘n Go. Stay tuned for more on all this…


Film/etc. actor

Aaaannnnd…yes, I dabble in acting, having done voice-overs and been in a couple indie movies, including “Three Barbecues,” a delightful John Water-esque ode to retro style and BBQ (from Stupid Johnny Films).


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