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the ideator


An extension of the writer as well as what feeds INTO the writer and other concoctions on the menu, specific manifestations of ideology can include:


  • Product innovations/extensionslike soap…but how about on a rope? HUH? NO? Ok. Bad ideas are part of the process and sometimes help us get to better places. (I actually think soap-on-a rope is brilliant in terms of accessibility and leaving the soap dish open to other possibilities.) And sometimes what seems bad can lather up into something great.

  • Naming—of products and also platforms/campaigns, actual proper names (mascots, entertainment characters & the like), product attributes, etc.

  • Business pivots—sometimes, you have to take a hard think about what you’re doing and if there isn’t a better move towards success

  • Themes—for events, attractions, experiences and what have ye, what are all the best ways to go?

  • Solutions outside of marketing/entertainment—wanna create a different player in an old game? Or tackle a cure for a disease? Maybe all those laboratory left brains just need a right brain to help fashion a new way of looking at things. (Like in our biz how we’ll bring in comics, teachers & specialists from various industries to help US see new pathways.)

Here's an ideation that helped champion the community heroes of a local pizza chain.

The kinds of ideas are nearly endless. If you’re at the end of your rope or the beginning, call me in.

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