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more copy on content

Continuing on, copywriting makes a direct ask for something in a way that is distilled, focused and fully expresses why a brand is right for an audience, ultimately growing business.


Content can be less focused and is about quantity as much as it is quality, ladling out practical, information on a scheduled basis (when done right) to foster an on-going connection between your brand and targets.


HERE’S THE BIG DIFFERENCE: content has its basis in journalism (e.g., blogs, white papers, those secondary pages of web, etc.) and most any copywriter can write content.


However, not every content writer—and I apologize to those donning the content-only cape—can write copy. Copy is more of an art's word design...painstakingly crafted, whether it’s a five-word headline or a three-minute video. OR a blog or white paper…which are all considered content.


Content has less allegiance to word design but must at least carry the keyword connectivity (as does copy) to keep pulling the targets in.


GOOD content needs to be crafted with copywriting savvy and some kinship to the brand and how it lives and breathes among the masses. 


This page is actually content AND copy, the latter especially in re: the "order up" button (and link).

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